Layanor’s Power Leveling Guide

Power Leveling

Don’t even ask what that monster is.

*Updated 11/17/2019*

Power leveling is when you level very fast in a game. If you know someone that does major damage on a close to max, or max level character, ask them to help you level with this nifty guide!

Don’t ask random players to help you. Most of them will kick you in the face for asking. Also, most of them can’t read. ūüėÄ

The starting areas you will be leveling very fast. 3 – 5 levels an hour.

The end of the guide you may gain a level every 30 – 45 mins with EXP scrolls and bonuses. Even longer depending on the class that is power leveling you, or if someone is killing everything in the area.

This guide was used by me recently to power level a Captain on a free account. With EXP bonuses, she hit max level in under 84 hours.

Without EXP bonuses would be around 120 hours. Still not bad if you’re doing it for fun.

So lets begin!


Why would you want to level fast?

Well… For an altaholic, this may be very useful. Tired of playing the game yet again just to make a scholar?

Is your wife asking you to level her? Again!

Maybe you want to play the game in a new way.

Whatever the reasons, this guide is my answer.

This guide will let you skip doing quests in many of the quests packs, letting you save some cash for later raid content packs.

You should really buy them all tho if your new to the game. Questing is the best part of the game.


Levels 1 – 6: Intro Place.

Lowbie will get this in the intro story.


Levels 6 – 13: Just kill stuff in starter areas.

Various areas you can think of. Breeland, Ered Luin. If your lowbie is on level with the mobs your killing, move to a new area. If your power leveling, you should know where higher level stuff is. You played the game before man! Gosh…


Levels 13 – 19: Haudh Iarchith

southbarrow  ousidebarrow


Everything here is level 20. You just run around a circle and kill everything you see. This is also a high Bree rep farming area. Offer to share your group to be nice. If not, then work with them as best as you can. You and your lowbie will be max rep here in no time. Yay Turbine points!


Level 19 – 22: Naerost


I run around in a circle from the outside, and all the way threw the inside, and backtrack my way back out. Respawns are a tad slow but still high exp for your lowbie. Just keep killing all the Half-Orcs you see.


Level 22 – 24: Nan Dhelu

undeadedmap undeadeda2

*Added 10/1/2013*

Leveling in the last area really started to drag. I tried to move over to Nan Dhelu and found it pretty fast. The problem is when your character is on follow, it can keep falling off of things or get stuck in many places. So stay on your toes and you will be fine


Level 24 – 29: Agamaur

lonelandsmap2 redghostmap

Original Agamaur map can be found here –¬†

This place is a lot of fun. First off, it has a summoning horn! Woo hoo!

Power leveling will now start to feel a bit long with this place.

I follow the path in the above map. I kill all the Creoth guys in the area, then move down to all the Red Dark Water. Then I backtrack and enter the right outdoor hallway. I kill everything all the way back to the top of my killing circle and repeat. The vendors next to the summoning horn is good for making some quick cash on junk you get. Instead of staying here until level 30, we will move on to a new location to keep things fresh.


Level 29 – 32: Nan Orngon

evendim1 dabears

Bears bears bears! Kill da mamas, kill da babys, kill the papas. They will all kill your lowbie if you don’t! This is a very large circle, but respawns are slower. You will have to go up the center mountain to kill the ones at the top. Also kill the ones leading away from the main circle. Doing this gives just the right amount of time for respawns to appear as you come back.


Level 32 Р35:  Minathanc


I always fee sorry for these guys. Kill them all along the path and backtrack. This one is a tad slow but you do not need many levels here.


Level 35 – 39 : Second half of Annuminas


I love this area.

In two or three complete circles of this will level your lowbie.

You start off in the camp and exit west. You then follow the trail north until you see the lake. Swim out to the three docks. These docks are full of guys to kill. Lay waste to them all and make your way southeast. Swim back to the mainland and walk up the empty path until you get to a large area full of bad guys on your right “West.”

This area can be tough on your lowbie. The Ai will see him before you even enter the area. So do what you can to heal him or put him were nothing will kill him.

Kill everything in this area and follow the path back to the camp.

Repair and sell. Do not forget to use all your rep you gain here. Kindred again in no time!


Level 39 – 42 Burzum Pushdug

 angmar1 agmar1biginsideagmar

Inside this cave is a sea of exp. Things die fast and respawn in only a minuet or two. You will get bored doing this place very quickly. So have vent on or some music to keep you going. You can keep going here to level 44 or even level 45 if you want. However it may take awhile.


42 – 44: Bail Rova*Updated 11/17/2014*

agmar2 ScreenShot00844

This camp is in two parts. Their is a lower and higher entrance. The lower camp is where you want to be.

If you are killing to fast, you just may need to clear the road out or dip into the upper camp for a few kills. The respawns are very fast, and may all come back by the time you walk back up the road again.

This is also a great area for getting Bree rep items!


44 – 46: Icereave Mines

forochel1 forochel2

Your gonna freeze your undies off!

There is no real path to take here. Just follow along the paths and slaughter. You will find a good pattern for yourself once you have wandered around.

This place drops tons of Thorin’s Hall and Forochel reputation. So make sure to hang around for kindred.

Special thanks to Minion Jonathan Andrist for jarring my memory about this place.


IMPORTANT PREP WORK: When you hit 45 you must do a few things to continue.

You must do the Legendary Weapon questline to enter Moria.

You should also travel to Rivendell and get your legendary books. Moria grinding will complete your books fast!

You should also do your skirmish quest to get that opened up. Especially if your only level 43 or 44 and want to level fast.

Power leveling in a skirm is very possible.


Level 46 – 49: Section 1 – Gazatmur

moria2 moriabig2

A semi small square with slow respawns. Once you killed the area, sook for a path leaveing the area to the north that leads you directly to…

Level 46 – 49: Section 2 – Katub-zahar

caveclaplace1 caveclaplace2

Otherwise known as “That place I had to farm leather from.” Respawns here are fast but take are not instant. Walk back out the door and take the path directly south to kill the other area again.

Killing both these places over and over is very fast exp.


Level 49 Р56:  Gazatu-ru

moria1 moriabig

After walking in the doorway, turn left “East” and follow the paths around in a circle until you come back to the doorway. This one is the slowest but there is a large area and many respawns as you come back around.

You will gain mucho rep items in Moria. Convert them all at the Iron Garrison Guard Trader and get to Kindred. This will let you buy a book with a Legendary skill attached to it.

You will probably end up with enough rep to gain Kindred in the other faction as well.

More Turbine points!


More prep work! 

You have two options here. You can skirmish for two levels, or get someone to summon you into Echad Sirion in Mirkwood.

It will put you directly into the Epic Book Instance.

You are under-leveled for this area so you will have to wait for another player to tag along with.

The instance is small and the end of it hardly requires you to do anything. Once that is finished you can head over to the next power leveling spot.

This is also a good time to get some better gear so your lowbie doesn’t die so fast if they get attacked by something big.

All the grinds from now on will be long and kinda boring. Have good music playing or have Netflix running.

Make sure you have as many EXP bonuses as possible.

Your buddy should also be maxed out for DPS. It will make things go much smoother.


56 – 58 Dannenglor

morvals2 morvals1

This is a large area that can be famed in a large circle. Respawns are slower but because of the size, you will have plenty to kill. This area is a HIGH question area. Try to team up if your killing to many mobs in the area.


58 – 65 Thror’s Comb


The hillmen must love their women because this entire place is over populated. Literally every thirty feet is a hillmen. Because of the high consideration of mobs, and high exp, this is a prime area to grind for many levels.


65 – 68 The Teeming Nest

wurmys1 wurmys2

Normally I would say come here at 66, however the hilmen grind can get quite boring.

This is a nice sized area with wurms. They only have a one minute respawn rate, so you grind should not be to bad here.


68 – 70- Lashkarg

camps21 camps22

80% of the respawns here take close to four minuets to comeback. Make your way all the way to the rear of the camp where a hill is on your right. This entire area, including the boss came at the top of the hill are all one min respawns.


70 – 78- The Howling Wood


Warg respawns are super fast. A good way to do this is have someone in the clearing killing wargs while someone else runs around the outside killing even more. This is a long grind but action packed.


78 – 85 – Fushaum-doram


The final location! This camp respawns very fast, just run around and kill everything in your path. You can even get help here and not worry about killing things to quickly. There is a hill in the center that you can shoot off of if you would rather stay in one spot.


Still looking into more areas to improve the guide.

If you have anything you would like to add to this guide, please feel free to post some comments.

WARNING! Power leveling is fun. Just remember that it does not make you a good player. Just a high level blob.

2019 SPECIAL UPDATE! Mirkwood Sword Halls


The game has many more levels than in 2013. Every time I come back to the game, I get power leveled in Sword Halls from the Mirkwood pack. This means you need to have it bought BUT this one instance can level all your characters very fast.

Step 1. The instance needs to be five levels higher than you. Your buddies should be maxed level so they can do the instance… in an instant!

Step 2. Keep upping the level as you level. Very simple!

New Areas

The game always gives EXP for every kill. You can be power leveled anywhere. Some are better than others for sure. I remember standing on a hill as players farmed for money. those are great EXP areas to get into. I wish I remembered those places >_>

If anyone wants to reckon new locations, please feel free!

Over the years this guide has had tons of hits. Thank you very much ūüôā




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7 Responses to Layanor’s Power Leveling Guide

  1. couillon says:

    +rep for using the old Brasse maps, that site brings back good memories of when you had to reach lvl 35 to buy your mount lol. Entertaining guide by the way ;D

  2. iceclaw says:

    Thanks, I’d been multibox grinding rep items, and was considering whether or not to put the Moria quest pack on the others or not.

    High level blob, perhaps, but a Loot-Vacuum extrodinare indeed! -Crell

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  5. tsuhelm says:

    Great guide…just 1 question:

    ‘IMPORTANT PREP WORK: When you hit 45… …Moria grinding will complete your books fast!
    You should also do your skirmish quest to get that opened up.’

    Which Skirmish?

    I basically level on Tucky …ad infinitum (is quick and easy…)

    Other skirmishes good? I am Premium and will consider buying any suggested skirmishes.

  6. couillon says:

    I preferred Thievery and Mischief over Tuck…also liked Storm Over Medtharis, the Rift one, Attack at Dawn and Dannelgore….apologies for incorrect spelling but I found them all quick and relatively painless, though it all gets tedious. If I also want to TP grind, I’ll stay away from skirms and farm these areas in Layanor’s guide.

  7. Feralir says:

    You mentioned on the LOTRO reporter podcast that people suggested doing Warg Pens and some other instances I forget, for power leveling. What levels do you suggest for them and which instances? Does the lowbie die a lot if you take that route?

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