LOTRO Did You Know? I Have to Many Travel Skills!


Twitted to me by MinionΒ Katie OΒ 

β€œHow about one for Hunters and Wardens – traveling via skill menu instead of filling up your task bar?”

This does become a problem at end level. What she suggest is to take them all off your skill bar, or leave some on. And just use the skill panel instead. This is on your K key.

That is a good way and it frees up your task bars. However my solution was to put them on the third set of task bars. You can click the arrow and switch threw them.

I have 29 ports. So the skill menu would take me awhile to find anything. This is much more useful.

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2 Responses to LOTRO Did You Know? I Have to Many Travel Skills!

  1. dagneyandleo says:

    I do the skill panel as well. I find it easier for one reason: Search. If you want all of your travel skill, you can search ‘Return’, else you can just search for the town… I don’t know about you, but the travel icons all blend together (vague humanoid figure in front of a building). Much easier to type in ‘Bree’ or ‘Thor’.

    Of course, I play a runekeeper and a cappy, two classes with a ludicrous number of skills, swaps, and consumables. Those hotbars are prime real estate. Though I have also considered making a drop down TonicBar, I’ve found searching the skill menu to be very efficient.

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