LOTRO Did You Know? – Power Leveling


Cari and I did some power leveling testing when the new Rohan rules came out.

I killed things for her, in and out of fellowship. 47 xp no fellowship, 27xp in fellowship.

Knowing that we get more exp out of fellowship, I had her tag each mob with a attack and I killed it. Within one hour, she went from level 7 to level 12!

It has been almost a year now and I have done a lot of testing.

A higher level character can be in fellowship and not hurt the lowbies EXP. When this was changed, I do not know.

You can go as high as seven levels above the lowbie to get them EXP. Any higher then that cuts the exp in half or more.

I should really just write a guide shoulnt I?

Sigh… *Sits down with a snickers and Mountain Dew. Then puts on some Ministry*

“3 hours later” https://layanor.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/layanors-power-leveling-guide/

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