Guild Wars 2 – Lost In A Detailed World Part 2

guildwars2rockwinRock on da ground. Rock on da ground.

Huh? Oh I’m blogging right now huh? Hold on I need some coffee… Okay. Ahem. This game is BORING! Oh my god.

I was told the zone I am in is very tree huggerish. I may find a way to get out of this hell hole soon.

I followed the story and it has taken me to a boss fight I can not beat. I was level four, and he was level seven. He had blue eyes, a car, and worked at Applebees. So I thought things would be ok. You know? Let me tell you. I was SO wrong! He beat the living shit out of me. Didn’t buy me a drink or nuffin. I tryed to kite him around but that breaks combat. So he heals to full! Things are not going well.

So back to tree huggin till level seven. So I can kick him in the face for beating me down so much. See if I pick up a giant from the flee market again.

Off topic. I know that song is cool and popular right now. But dont show me your flee market price tags. I don’t care if your pants are only 6$. Your ass should have bought more gas so I don’t have to pick you up. Dumb fuck…

So in the tree hugger zone, I notice I am dying a lot. I think cause my stuff is busted. However I am not sure about that. So I stupidly head back down a long road to a town. I say stupidly cause I could have just ported to it.

RRAAARRRRRR Some guy jumps out of a tree and attacks me. Before long I am on my ass. Hitting the random buttons to get me back up. I throw the stone and TINK! He dies. What the hell was in this rock?

Can I just sit on the ground and throw rocks all day? I don’t take damage. It looks like I can just knock stuff down and keep throwing more rocks. I could sit on a little cart all day and scoot around. TINK TINK! Dead!

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