The Secret World – First Contact Part 3


Some women just have it all.

My theory worked! Avoiding the main quests made the game much more fun.

Let me explain a bit here. The main quests have a story to them. A few I did took me all over the place. Even in dangerous areas. Not taking these quests, and just taking minor ones, seems to keep me in the areas I should be in to learn the game.

I’m so glad! I was having a hell of a time trying to…

Oh shit…

NPC just snuck me a main quest. Sigh…

This is odd tho. I think this is a daily.

Yup it sure is. A daily main quest. So I get to listen to this woman tell me plot all over again like it never happened.

I think i’m in groundhog day!

My progress in APpoints has improved a lot. I am earning them very fast and almost have my fist skills all done. I have a triple hit attack that lets me build up a aoe attack.

I and starting to feel like wolverine with boobies! Raarrr!!!!

I have a small update on my roommate. Because of this blog he is now back on the game and inspired to play more. Good news eh?


I just heard him bashing on the keyboard and cussing.

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1 Response to The Secret World – First Contact Part 3

  1. Tapkoh says:

    There are no “daily quests” as the term is used in other games. Dungeon missions, side missions, and nearly all main missions are repeatable after a cooldown. On Solomon Island, this is 24 hours I think. For Egypt and Transylvania, it’s 2 or more days. But there are no separate quests specifically available everyday just to grind rep, Hotbolt tokens, or whatever. Closest thing is the 24-hour lockout after doing each nightmare mode dungeon.

    Btw, side missions will always be granted from items in the environment. NPCs will never give you side missions. Everything they offer will be a main mission or dungeon mission. There is one exception to both of those statements, but they’re sort of endgame-y and only recently added.

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