RIFT – Entering the Portal Really Hurts Part 2

riftlostheadI lost me head today…

So I am running around doing quests. In my undies. Cause that is how I roll. I start to notice something with my skills. I cast a fireball attack and everything goes on cooldown for about two seconds. That’s fine, but for some reason I can click on a second instant skill right after my fireball. And it works. Whats the point of this cooldown then?

I do not know if this game lets me kill other players mobs. I asked out loud “does this game have open tapping.” The answer was “I would tap your mom.” Joke is on him tho, my mom isn’t cheap anymore!

Started to get tire of holding up, so I switch my keys around to my play style. Now I have autorun in a spot I can hit when I am eating Cheetos.

Then it happened… My head poped off…


So I’m wondering at this point, how could this happen. How could a game that has been out for years, have a problem like this. Sure games have had some crazy issues but this one is pretty crazy.

Was it a key I hit when I was reassigning them? Did I step on the head popper offer stone?

So now that I lost my mind with my head. My body can just run around and hump anything it sees. It has no morals or safeguards holding it back. Great! I am about to be a mommy in seven months. Wonder if my body will let me watch when it finds… uh…

Oh my…

I really should start a new blog for these situations.

After my body got some sense back into saving Mortal Kombat land, it ran over to help in a open rift. It tried to stay away from tentacles “Very proud of my body because of this btw” and killed many bad guys to close the rift.

Was very cool moment. However I hope the whole game is not based around this one type of gimmick.

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