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Things I Wish Turbine Would Update

Bustin caps up and down the Shire!  Waisten hobbits till they all call me sire! It was no secret that I was excited to hear that we would get no expansion this year, and lots of updates were coming. Finally! The … Continue reading

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Building a Cheaper LOTRO Option

Never say you’re lifetime. EVER! This is written for longer term players. Mostly players that have all expansions… and who remember radiance armor. Remember that stupidness… Oops! Back on topic! This guide/rant started with a simple question. If you stopped paying … Continue reading

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Remember Skraid night?

Don’t laugh. That really is a quest. I remember when skirmishes came out with Mirkwood. They were very cool! You grab all your buddies and even people on your ignore list and go play! They had a weekly lock that … Continue reading

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LOTRO – I am expected to leave the game.

Yesterday was the big news on class changes. If you missed it, the new skill trees will let you spend skill points to make your skills better. The more you spend, the more skills open up. You will not have … Continue reading

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LOTRO Did You Know? – 32bit Windows is bad… Mkay?

POSSIBLY NOT A ISSUE ANYMORE But I doubt it. .. Did you know that Turbine doesn’t know what 32bit is? 32 bit players have had a crash problem for over a year now. Windows 32 bit allows a program to … Continue reading

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