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Building a Cheaper LOTRO Option

Never say you’re lifetime. EVER! This is written for longer term players. Mostly players that have all expansions… and who remember radiance armor. Remember that stupidness… Oops! Back on topic! This guide/rant started with a simple question. If you stopped paying … Continue reading

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The Secret World – First Contact Part 6

You need to step off and give me my quest old man! I have free time to play the Secret World! YAY! Now where was I. Ah yes! I started a new area with my roommate about two months ago. … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2 – Lost In A Detailed World Part 7

Welcome back Layanor! Go find me some rocks! So I log into the game, looking forward to seeing something different in this game. And I do. Some NPC is spinning around killing players and casting tornadoes. Hes not just doing … Continue reading

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