Overwatch – How To Not Suck With Mercy!

Layanor plays Mercy from Overwatch! This is the new open beta game from Blizzard! Creators of Hearthstone, Diablo, and Wold of Warcraft!

Have more tips and tricks for Mercy? Please leave them below so more fans can read them!

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=== Special Thanks
✦ Music Creator Mike Kirby β–Ί http://bipolarmunkey.newgrounds.com/
✦ Mike Kirby Email β–Ί bipolarmunkey@gmail.com

✦Music Creator itsfoxhall β–Ί http://itsfoxhall.newgrounds.com/
✦itsfoxhall Soundcloud β–Ί https://soundcloud.com/jdfoxhall

✦MMO Reporter “The place that started it all for me” https://mmoreporter.com

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