Tormentum – 4: Switchy Face Time!

The audio was very bad on this but after a hour of work, I rebuilt the audio as best as I could. The video is still very watchable, but these errors will happen for the next few videos as well. I am fixing the issue during my break. thanks for understanding!

This is a blind play through with no guide or FAQ. I am taking tips from the comments so help me out! Please no spoilers or tell me im doing something wrong when I am not playing your way.

For whatever reason, the game did not play the opening of the game where I jump into the area and zombies attack me. Sorry about that but this never happened when I started.

☆Thanks for watching the video!☆
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=== Special Thanks
✦ Music Creator Mike Kirby ►
✦ Mike Kirby Email ►

✦Music Creator itsfoxhall ►
✦itsfoxhall Soundcloud ►

✦MMO Reporter “The place that started it all for me”

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