Vlog – 4: #WTFU, Valentines, & Stuff on Fire!

Hello all! Welcome to my fourth Layanor’s Mind vlog! Guest staring Hello Kitty! Lighting sucks so bad in this video. Not much I can do about it until some more funding comes in. If your able to help me with advice, please comment below. Otherwise a few dollars in my Patreon could buy a lamp!

β˜†Thanks for watching the video!β˜†
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β–Ί http://layanor.tumblr.com/
β–Ί http://twitter.com/Layanor
β–Ί http://www.reddit.com/r/layanorsmind/
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=== Special Thanks
✦ Music Creator Mike Kirby β–Ί http://bipolarmunkey.newgrounds.com/
✦ Mike Kirby Email β–Ί bipolarmunkey@gmail.com
✦Background music β–Ί http://falonefal.newgrounds.com/

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