One Year Anniversary!


That is a bottle of Hello Kitty Gin

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my YouTube Channel! Wooooo!!!

Thank you all for taking the time to come check out the channel. I know every game is not made for everyone, but some of you just come to watch what I am doing. Thanks a lot ­čÖé

I am getting around 300 views a day on average. So like many channels, im getting more views than subscribers. The FNAF world videos were very big, along with my vlogs. Was surprised how much you guys like those vlogs!

Some of you asked about my new job. I am a YouTube Network talent agent for Freedom! They help a lot of starting channels get on their feet. They are the only network that does this that I know of. When I joined, they helped me get my channel looking good! Once I seen they were hiring, I jumped at the opportunity right away. So I am always looking out for talent. It is a amazing job! Seeing what everyone is doing on their channels is so much fun. I am loving it!

So what are the plans for this year?

I have linked all my social media stuff I follow to my WordPress blog. This will be my main base of operations! I even bought the URL for it ( ) It was a buck and I hate typing out WordPress all the time ­čśŤ

So far the only plan for this year is to improve the channel. I just started to upload 1080p60 videos. They look great!

I need to improve the sound somehow. It is good on some days and then it goes weird on others.

I am looking to replace my art program, and video editing program. I need something that is newish. The stuff I have is very very old.

I plan to do some YouTube tip “Did You Know” stuff soon. I have learned some things that will help anyone out with a starting channel. I get a lot of questions in my twitter for help, so I want to have a list of tips for those people. I will also be answering those questions in vlogs cause that helps you get views when I talk about you! ­čÖé

I want to do┬álive streams this year with the game “The Forest”.

I plan to do another green screen night soon. I am not sure I will be recording it but we will see. That video did very well and we had fun doing it!

I am planning to start a T-Shirt shop. Not so much with my name or logo or anything. I just love making T-Shirts! So expect some pretty funny stuff coming out this year!

That is about it I think. I feel like I am repeating some stuff, but I really wanted to do a blog for the one year anniversary!

Thanks again everyone for all the support, the very generous donations of games, and Patreon support! You guys make everything worth the time.

And now for my own benefit, I am sharing my numbers here. I want to look back at the post and see where I was a year ago. If you think I am bragging here, please remember I am a tiny tiny speck of a channel on YouTube. Numbers make everyone work harder and help us think positive!

650 Videos, 2k views a month, 8022 views, 146 subscribers. 2,400 twitter followers, 1,300 +google followers, 300 Tumblr followers, and I think I have around 30 followers on Pintrest for some reason ­čśŤ

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