Ranking The Games I played 2015


Not game of the year. I’m not THAT important!

This year I started my YouTube channel and it was a major success! This is a list of game I played in the order of how much fun I had with them. Not how good they are in general.

16: The Witcher – Interesting story. However the game play is so bad. Questing is near impossible without a guide of some sort. The ONLY game this year I gave up on playing.

15: Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Interesting story, great soundtrack, great locations! Very frustrating mechanics at times.

14: Dead Space – Boring plot and locations, however the game play is top notch. Very repetitive.

13: Blades of Time – Game play was soooooooooo much fun. Game is very pretty at times. The story is what kills it flat. So sad.

12: Darksiders – This game has a great balance of game play and story. Its not boring, but just interesting nuff to keep going. Fun game!

11: Dark Souls – Game play is top notch. It however suffers from weird not thought out things. This would be much higher on the list of things were not so odiously broken at times.

10: Bioshock – A classic. I played this game a few times and love it. Story and game play dose not get better than this. However this is my list of games I had fun with in this year. So this game only gets a low rating because I have played it before.

9: The Darkness II – Story and game play are amazing! The game is just the right length and does not drag out for hours.  No other game in this list makes you feel like a bad ass like this game does!

8: The Rivers of Alice – I love to figure out puzzles. This is kinda high on my list cause it struck a cord with me. It was moving art. Had great music. All around a work of art.

7: Batman Arkham Asylum – I AM THE NIGHT! Top notch game. You can see why so many games take elements from this game. Cause this game does it right!

6: F.E.A.R. – This is high on my list but it does have flaws. It is WAY to long. The plot in this game drives you to find out more, and I was downright scared shitless many many times.

5: Sleeping Dogs – Grand Theft Auto in China! So much fun! I got to run over so many pedestrians cause I was a cop! Plot was dead on for a mafia type game.

4: Doom3 BFG Edition – Holy shit! This game has a thin plot. Much like Dead Space. However this game does everything else right. You literally have no idea when you will get jumped by stuff. It is freaky all around. I scream and cuss WAAAAAAAAAY to much at the monitor on this one when i get scared.

3: Wick – Five Nights at Freddie’s mixed with Blair Witch. Good god!!! Story was cool! More detailed game than some of the games I played all year. Short game with some challenge. Loved this game a lot.

2: The Bureau – This was so close to being my top pick of the year. Story was cut and paste at the start. The game throws a bunch of cool missions at you as a tutorial. Then it gets REAL interesting! Plot twists I could not see coming came from miles away. Every time I thought the game was over, it was not, and blew my mind because of what was next to come.

1: Aliens Vs Predator 2010- Holy shit! I am a huge Aliens fan. “Even had the pen and pencil table top game.” This game was all I wanted it to be. EVER! I do not think the story was better than Alien isolation, but it is so close to surpassing it. Game play is great! Locations are perfect for this kind of game. The voice acting is not so good, and there are some weird game play things that happen. The game makes up for this in pacing. Your always seeing something new, and plot is always unfolding. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ACTUAL MOVIE SCRIPT FOR THE MOVIE!!!

Well there you have it! Want to rank some of the games you played this year? List them in the comments below! Got games I should play this year? Let me know. Even if I do not like the game, I always have fun with it. 😀


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