I Am A Youtuber. I Got Trolls To Prove It!


Fat fingers are always to blame.

I would like to start off by saying I am putting all my heart and soul into my YouTube channel. I am slowly getting better at what I want the show to be, and the quality is already better than when I started. This weekend made me a official YouTuber, and I wanted to share my excitement with you all!

Last Thursday was the start of three new game series on my channel. Doom 3, Dark Souls, and Darksiders. “Triple D” as my fans have called it. During this time I was very stressed out about PAX. If you do not know, I edit videos for MMO Reporter and I do a great “newscast” feel to their daily update videos, along with add some humor. One episode takes two hours minimum for me. Doing that is almost a part time job for the convention. So keep this in mind.

Friday comes and PAX starts. This is the first day a fan sent me fan art!


The first one I really like. It has that 70’s sci-fi vibe art style I love. Im sure this is taken from a book or something, but someone really knows I love that era when they made this. Look at the font!


This one is just bad ass. Who is this demon cow man? I like his style.

Both pics are just some edits of pics found on the internet with my name spelled wrong. But I love the hell out of this! This needs to happen more! Besides, Layanar sounds kinda manly. πŸ˜‰

Saturday, I wake up with a troll message on my YouTube account. However it is not really a troll. It is mostly a hate comment.


A long time ago I remember a anime creator who’s female character had tons of sexual pictures of her drawn by fans. A magazine asked him if this bothered him. He said “It does not bother me because when this happens, it’s the first sign that the character you created is popular.”

So in theory, if your doing a good job, your going to get random troll comments on YouTube. It is your first sign of you getting your content seen by more than just you, and a few friends.

So thisΒ took me off guard. I got up and told my girlfriend “BABY BABY! SOMEONE CALLED ME A FAT FUCKING RETARD! :D”Β She promptly said “Congratulations on your first troll :)”

But things got way way way better.

This is the thumbnail for the video.


It turns out, random searches were posting this video to anyone that searched for Dark Souls III.Β So this video started to get popular, for the day. Over 100 views in a few hours. And then it happened. People started to defend me! Holy crap! They even gave me tips on how to make better videos.

Sunday comes, and the biggest thing happens to me yet. I got paid!

I am with a YouTube gamer network, and I had finally made enough money to get paid for making videos. It was not a lot, but it is money in my hand for work I have done. It is a frame your first dollar on the wall moment. Sadly it is only digital but I will hang a dollar up anyway!

My YouTube channel is a lot of work and I have no plans to stop. I am so happy to see all of this happen over the weekend.Β It was a great suprize!

I want to thank everyone that has said “keep going” to me so far, and I would like to give a special thanks to my Patrons who are funding me to get my High School Diploma, and will soon be funding me for my first collage course in audio/video editing.

If you want to help me out, watch my playlists. It helps my career!

Take care everyone and See Yah! πŸ™‚

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