Pimp Your LOTRO for $5 Bucks with Sapience’s Extra Life!

I was looking at Sapience’s Extra Life page recently. I still can not believe the stuff we get for donating five bucks. I have sat down and researched each item for you all to see where everything comes from.

Also, if any of you do donate, you will not get your codes until next year February when he has all the stuff ready to send.

This is not a contest. Everyone that donates gets codes when it is over.

  • The Celebratory. (Account Wide) This deed was limited available during the Anniversary Celebration of 2014. You had to friend LOTRO on Facebook (New to Extra Life 2014)
  • The Sociable. Those who donated $5 or more to the 2013 Extra Life (Account Wide)
  • The Wise. Those who donated $5 or more to the 2013 Extra Life (Account Wide)
  • Hero of the Small Folk. (Account Wide) – EXTRA LIFE EXCLUSIVE TITLE
  • Perlino_Steed Perlino steed. (Account Wide) This mount was given to those that attended PAX East 2012
  • screenshot00166-e1322043595985 Cremello Steed. (Account Wide)This mount was given to those that attended PAX East 2011
  • first-marshall Steed of The First Marshall.(Account Wide) German Computer Bild Magazine (Nov 27, 2013) (New to Extra Life 2014)
  • herald6 Steed of the Winged Herald (Account Wide) This mount was awarded account-wide to players after the successful referral of five new people to LOTRO. (New to Extra LIfe 2014)!


  • raven-friend2-sms-0309 Cloak of the Raven Friend. Given away in a contest from Massively. Mar 17th 2009 (Account Wide) (New to Extra Life 2014)
  • 250px-User-Magill-Toons-Valwood Haurberk of the Mithril Guard. Given away from MMORPG.com November 5th 2008 (Account Wide) (New to Extra Life 2014)
  • Cloak_of_the_Dark_Halls Cloak of the Dark Halls. Given away during a Codemasters contest, and was later given away by a site called Gamesradar before Moria. (Account Wide) (New to Extra Life 2014)
  • CCloak Cold Well Cloak. Code was a insert in Massive Online Gamer Issue # 16 Dec 1, 2008 (Account Wide) (New to Extra Life 2014)
  • Deep_Miner's_Helm Deep Miner’s Helm. Only available by pre-ordering Mines of Moria at GameStop(Account Wide) (New to Extra Life 2014)

Other Things!

images Ghost Bear Pet. [25$ Donation Required]

Items not unlocked yet

100703 Cloak of the Sunset. Mines of Moria Pre-0rder item. $52,500

RedDawn1 Steed of the Red Dawn. Only available in the European boxed version of Riders of Rohan $53,500


We unlocked all the cosmetic stuff about one week after this post came out! Thanks for everyone that donated and your codes should be sent out soon!


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11 Responses to Pimp Your LOTRO for $5 Bucks with Sapience’s Extra Life!

  1. AmAvocet says:

    I have most of that. I’m really hoping we get the Ghost Bear!

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  6. scoedt says:

    I’m glad to have found your record here.
    I’m not having success finding the 2014 page on extra-life.org anymore. Looks like perhaps Rick took it down before sending the codes out?
    At any rate, this should prove to be a handy checklist when they do arrive. Belated Thanks!

  7. kazrenpirate says:

    It’s the 31st and I still have no codes. I’m feeling like I need to make sure they have my correct email address, but how do I do that?

  8. kazrenpirate says:

    Finally got mine late today and it’s like Christmas. Thank you everyone involved.

  9. Katia says:

    It’s been about two weeks and still nothing. Sent a reciept proving my purchase and still no reply or email at all. I feel a little pranked and my little one is also upset because now the festival is going on and he can’t show off his new steeds and cosmetic armor.

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