When Draculetta meats Layanor


One day I was listening to LOTRO Players podcast and herd Draculetta talk about a game I have been playing for a while called “The Secret World”. My ears perked up and was surprised someone else was playing it. It seemed to be a under the radar kind of game. He then said that it was confusing and didn’t like it.


I felt the same way about the game. In fact I even complained about it on my blog quite a few times. It wasn’t untill someone told me how the game works, that I started to really get into it.


So I took him aside and did the same favor for him, as Roselinda did for me a long long time ago.


He really got into the game at that point and we connected very well. We get into the same kind of movies, music and anything else that is evil and dark. He became a very cool friend.

He then threw some meat on my head.

drak04Im glad you came to meat me. Happy Birthday Draculetta


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2 Responses to When Draculetta meats Layanor

  1. Draculetta says:

    This is pretty darn epic….

  2. tsuhelm says:

    This is weird and yet so cool…
    (How I imagine TSW game play to be…)

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