Looking back at 1000 twits!


So I hit 1000 twits this morning. Randomly causing trauma to a minion. Not my fault tho! I was totally provoked and prodded into it!

So I am kicking back and reflecting on them. Come along with me! I pay well!


So were starting this off with the first twit I ever posted. No clue what the hell im talking about here. I would assume I am talking about the Rohan Soundtrack in beta.



Sapience pulled out a box on twitter and asked if anyone could guess what was in it. Man was he suprized when I was right! I herd his beard changed six different colors!



Thanks to LOTRO Reporter, I got to meet a nice woman in Canada for awhile.



When I first started doing the shows, I was very nervous. I had to jack myself up on candy and caffeine before every show.



After doing my Rohan review, I was reminded on how much end game content we have.  Even tho we do not get new stuff, we do have a lot.



This broke my heart when I got the news. I had the application all ready to go. Was huge



I was second or third top warden that week. I really wanted to stop, but easy first agers would inspire anyone to keep going.


7-1-2013Ah yes. The one that got away… Someone had to hit on Goldenstar before she was gone from live podcasting. She was THE lady of LOTRO.

I really miss Merric and Goldenstar still.



The birth of my first show baby! Still going on every Friday. Most of the viewers are from Brandywine and do not log in, just so they can spy on the team I am in. The stream has also made me a MAJOR target at times.



Ah yes, the famous Sapience kissy face pic. I threaten this pic a lot when Sapience does not answer my questions.

Layanor: “Tell us or I will facebook your kissy face!”

Sapience: “No please noooo!!!”



This is the biggest topic I sat down to write about, and my most popular. When the skill trees and character changes were added to the game, I literally had people messaging me in game, asking and telling me I should leave the game because of all the changes. This is also the post where Roger from Contains Moderate Peril started to follow me.



Turbine says the epic story is not free anymore. A big topic for the time. Not sure anyone cares about this anymore. 🙂



Played 24 hours for extra life. One of the most important things I have done in my life. 24 hours to help raise money for sick kids? Sign me up!



Helms Deep is out! I sat here for three hours. In tears laughing at how many players were insta-killed at the door. I still have the list, but will never publish it 😉



We had so many players online and layers kicked in. Once Sapience walked in a new area, it switched layers on him and boom. Dead.



Still no David Lee Roth. For the time being im still in California. Message me if your bored. Love to meet the minions! 😀




This is kinda nerdy, but I have been apart of the MMO Reporter Network for awhile now. To sit down and make a new logo for the network is like being asked to make a new logo for blizzard or sony for me. I am such a fan, and love being a part of it. I was kinda nervous. In the end it turned out well! 😀



I am not going to say who said this. You know who you are. This is one of those *uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what?* moments in my life. lol!



One Tuesday I did a long Beyond Bossfights with Braxwolf. We are good friends and we never really had the chance to sit down and talk. Man did we talk.

After that I did LOTRO reporter with Cari. I do not get to talk with Cari unless it is Tuesday. So I love my time with her when I can get it.  She gives the best advice and is one of the smartest women I know. Honestly tho, who does not adore Cari?

Then I got to do MMO Reporter with Chris, Harry, Bill, and Steve. We always shoot the crap and hang out before the show.

Three shows, back to back, with many friends. Could not be a happier person.


So that leads us to the events of today. I get this twit last night. I never get them on time cause something is stupid with my twitter.


Now I have no clue what the topic is. Twitter does not show me. So if I am going to be accused of trauma, im gonna make some trauma!



And then it happened. DING! 1000 posts!

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1 Response to Looking back at 1000 twits!

  1. Braxwolf says:

    I somehow missed this post, but I love it. Neat to look back and remember where you were and what you were thinking. BTW, I think that recording was almost 3 hours long just for Beyond Bossfights!

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