Things I Wish Turbine Would Update

ROWANPONYBustin caps up and down the Shire!  Waisten hobbits till they all call me sire!

It was no secret that I was excited to hear that we would get no expansion this year, and lots of updates were coming. Finally! The game is getting updated! Not just a few things, but a lot of older systems they said! WOOT!

Well we got some nice updates. However… We are getting a bunch of new stuff… again >_>


But I dont want to be one of those blog posters that complains about stuff just for the sake of complaing over and over. I’m doing something constructive! I’m complaing about everything all in one post!

Heres my list of *poop* I want changed!

1. Dismounted while farming older area nodes

Really? I get dismounted on older nodes and when click on them still? Its been like two years since Rohan came out. Why wasent this included in the early zone revamps?

2. Swift travel throughout the Shire

This was a complaint from two grumpy old hobbits… FOUR YEARS AGO! Holy crap. How things change… I mean.. don’t change. lol.

3. Update the Group Stage Info

This is a panel that shows what raids you did. Tells you when the locks are up. Kinda handy. Sadly this was never updated for other things. Skirms have a week lock on their chests. This should have been included in the Group Stage Info. Warbands should also be listed, so you know what ones you did that day. This should not be left up to the player if you already have this tech in place and in use.

4. Update Skirmishes chests to act like raid chests

I can not stress this point more. The gear is not as good as instance gear, but has a seven day lock on the chest, and can only be rolled on. So out of twelve players, two MAY get something they kinda need.

5. Two Man Crafting Instances

Bump them up into two player mode! You did it for Epic Battles. You even stated that you didn’t change the difficulty, or the mobs. You just turned a 1 into a 2. Make it so!

6. Wildamore 6 man Instance

This one I have to complain about. *Spoilers!*

There is a big o giant in a huge round area in a instance. You fight him and use a horn to do special things like… i don’t remember. Slow him down or something. Anyway… THIS IS RAID BATTLE! Why is the solo! Why!!! Why Why Why!!! You have NPCS on the side helping you. Those could be players! Have Nona and Horn say *attack him!* and blam!!! Make this a raid!!!!

7. Angmar instances turned into skirmishes

Some great old instances here that play just like skirmishes. Everything attacks in waves and you defend a few key points. I like them a lot, and it is Angmar! One of my favorite zones!

8.Lothlorien instances turned into skirmishes

Same thing here. You defend a area, and you attack some areas between waves. Great teamwork skirm here. Please make this a skirm. Please?

9. Instances wont clear

So you just ran Halls of night. Want to run it again to get a deed done. Simple right? Nope! Start it up again, and your in the same instance you cleared! The way to fix this is to open a different instance, and then go back to the instance you want to run. I don’t care how many times you tell players you are doing this, but someone will always out of habit go into the instance you just set up, to clear the old one. And thats not all! If you do this instance a few times, and keep clearing the instance this way, you could be locked out of all your instances for awhile! Thanks to the instance cap per hour that you can do.

10. Repeatable Quests

Ok Turbine. You love the low and mid players. We get it. Make all the quests repeatable. The second time you do them, reward money only. Or throw in some skirm marks. Players that love middle earth want something to do. Give them the option to keep playing in middle earth with friends. the longer they are on, the more likely they will spend turbine points. Specially in early areas!

11.Make all those XP  legendary item things, merge into one when dragged and dropped onto each other. 

This enplanes itself. I have over twenty slots in my inventory filled with these damn things. MERGE!

12. Flag yourself for raiding. 

Ah you made tech to flag yourself to fellow with friends. Nice! Now flag me for raids. Cause I want to raid!

13. Scale instances! 

I want Moria! Some of you want ToO but im sure that one is less of a problem for them to do. The one that is a problem, and needs to be done is Moria. It sits rotting away with broken content and exploits for years.

14. Scale Legendary Items

20$ Scale this damn thing! Do it! Yes that is a lot. Yes I can make a new one if I really want to. Scale it! You scale this in epic battles when I am lower level, so just do it. *waves sword around* I’m waiting!

15. Cosmetic Weapons and Shields

When you guys first made the cosmetic system, who was the guy that said *lets not do shields and weapons!* Who is this guy? Where did you hire him? Does he still work at Turbine? Cause really… this is bull. If you guys can rip apart and expand on the mailbox and revamp the bag system, then why cant you change a skin on a weapon?

16. Paid For Hobbies 

Lets face it. Turbine wants mithril coins or Turbine points for stuff they make. No problem. So we need hobbies that are fun to do, have a good benefit, and worth the money you pay for them. I will exspand on this in another blog. But I had to mention it here for this list.

17. New PVP Map

It is time. The creeps have taken the moors. New battles have started in Gondor. End the PVP in the moors, and make a new map. Leave the moors the way it is. Turn off all the keep buffs and raid boss buffs, and leave it as a questing area for level 50 or something. Fill it with orcs out in the landscape and wave goodbye.


I will add to this post as I remember more stuff. I will also gladly scratch one of these off the list if Turbine does fix them. 😀 Come on Turbine, you can do it. *pat pat*

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5 Responses to Things I Wish Turbine Would Update

  1. tomeoric says:

    Save for #17 (but I understand it), I’d take any one of your suggestions in trade for shenani-hobnobigans and cosmetic pets…

  2. tsuhelm says:

    All great ideas…I really like the cosmetic pets though…I would waste TP on them…I would use real dosh on a ferret! (OK strange!)

    1.Never having been mounted when farming nodes but still really annoyed when dismount to farm…then mount again…at least do it automatically or something…

    14. any change to LIs will be welcomed…surely they cannot make a worse system *looks to the sky…*

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  4. Kevin says:

    All very good ideas! On hobbies, I’d just like to see another developed. I’ve always thought the LoTRO world would be a good place for bird-watching. Yes, it sounds a little lame, but I think it fits the Tolkien world well. There have been countless times I’ve been questing, and I see little birdies, and I wonder what type it is. There are plenty of various regions for all types of birds! It would be a nice and fun little deed to go out and equip some type of tool and spot birds. Or if you happen to be riding by and you see something new, and you quickly pick it up for a deed, then continue on your way. Nazguls would be included too. Perhaps as rewards you’d get eggs for cooking (btw, they need to update the fishing recipes!), or cosmetics such as a bird nest hat, and a bird as a cosmetic pet.

  5. taltoz says:

    I’d like turbine to update the kinship mail, atm trying to get a message to all the officers in the kin is either very time consuming copying and pasting each mail or hit an miss asking individuals to pass it on to whoever they see come online.
    As to a Wildermore instance,here is an evil alternative, have all the warbands march on a farmstead one a week 😈, the server getting a minor boost if the farmstead is successfully defended.

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