So what the hell is a Dothih Amorothi?

DothihShould have said “with mint”

So after last nights show, I had no less than seven players message me about Dol Amroth. the problem was, I didn’t know either. So I am making this post out of dire need of a link to throw at them as they come at me!


Dol Amroth is a fortified city that is on the shore of Gondor. It was founded by the elves but after a long time it is mostly inhabited by men. Being a coastal city, Dol Amroth was subject to occasional attacks by the Corsairs of Umbar.


As you can see from the above map, we can assume this will have a Epic Battle. “BB for my Brandywine bros”

Sadly I thought we could get a 6 man instance from this when I first herd about it, but looking at the map, and knowing this place gets attacked from ships, just screams Epic Battle.  But im not going to rule it out.

Rowan, can we fight the general to stop the battle at the end please?

We can assume the attacks will come by ships. May need to use a lot more siege weapons on this one. If so, mmaaannnnnnn im gonna love that!

So with all this news. I can only think of one thing…

This Summer. Coming to a LOTRO Near You!

Link the 5 hour YouTube epic music please! (LINK)


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