Goodbye to The Red Council


This is a long over due goodbye to the kinship I merged into another kinship last month. It is something I just wanted to do, no fancy guides or tips here.

The Red council was a casual kin. And I really mean that. We did not kick members for inactivity. We did not run very many things. We played casually.

LOTRO seems to have a lot of husband and wife teams. Or girl friend boy friend combos. When I recruited, the pattern normally went like this.

Step 1: They join

Step 2: They level fast

Step 3: They raid for gear at end game

Step 4: Only she starts to log in

Step 5: She starts to make alts in everything and does every crafting profession, while he plays something else.


Dear Sapience. For the love of god… No more characters slots.

75% of my kinship was this type of player base.

When I first joined the kin, I remember there being some group stuff. I was in a leveling group for about a day. Then I just started to level on my own.

The leaders switched not long after I joined. We had a website at that time and ventrillo. But guys don’t you that stuff. Come on 😛 lol.

We did some raiding, but the turtle run was the main one we did. Every Tuesday.

We kept on that way for about a year, and then some problems started happening.

Some of the players really wanted to run other things other than turtle. Even when we did, they complained about it. We even had players that didn’t want to run anything else. I remember one mini actually saying “I like turtle cause I don’t need to move around much. I hate moving.”

The kinship split into many different places at that time. And some of our good players were busy with collage.

I started to build a flash series about how to run LOTRO Raids. My first one was about the watcher. Kin leader really liked it and wanted to run it. However the day of the raid, one member complained that he would not get anything good from the watcher, so the raid did something else.

I was pretty pissed off.

I gave up my officer title, and not long after I quit the kinship to look for other kins that did end game stuff.

I joined Runic Knights and then Order of Middle Earth. Two super huge kins that recruit anything that moves. Did not find much fun in them.

I later found out that my old leader from the Red Council had given up leadership. Knowing I could help lead that kin better, I rejoined.

The leader we had was trying to forcefully make everyone raid, and was failing at it badly. He ended up giving lead to another officer.

That leader rebuilt the kin well for awhile but collage got back in the way for him again.

After a long time of not seeing him, I usurped the kinship and lead it my own way.

I have been leading that kin for almost two years now. It was active even with it being casual. Most of the players were all crafters, or social chatters. We did have some raiders but we had a network of other smaller kins that would post raids all the time.

We were doing very well.

There was another kinship called Tolkien s Army of Middle Earth. They were a carbon copy of how I ran my kinship. The only major difference was, they had many more numbers than us.

My kin has been around for a very long time, and we didn’t really have any kind of legacy or anything to keep. We were just players, closed off from jerks that lurk in glff, or some of those other bigger kins. But to improve on what we had, would take a lot of work from everyone, and honestly everyone was way to casual to build something better.

Last year around December I started tossing around the idea of a merg.

I started getting players from other severs transferring over to get into my kinship, thanks to the LOTRO Reporter show. However when they got there, it was not what they expected at all. Brandywine always has raid groups going on, but that certainly was not the way my kinship worked.

Helms deep has been out for awhile. The bulk of the end game players are gone. (Till next update) Most kinships were hurting from loss of players. So I decided it was the right time to strike a deal.

I was very sad about it when it was time. I’m not sure why. I guess cause I spent most of my years of the game in this kinship. I have good memorys of the players in it, but not really raiding stories. Those stories are from other groups outside of the kinship.

Mixed feeling I guess.

Aaannyyywwaaayyyy. Good bye Red Council. You had many many ups and downs, but you kept going and always made myself and the other minions feel welcome.

As for my minions. We have a great deal here with the new kinship, and we now have the missing elements that we never had for years. More players, more dedication, and more than one person in leadership roles.

Oh and P.S.

Fuck Despicable Me! They were my minions two years before you stole the idea!


*High fives my minions*

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1 Response to Goodbye to The Red Council

  1. taltoz says:

    Great post buddy, I’d love to hear this and more on a future LOTRO Reporter show. Ever since the latest update new kinships are sprouting up everywhere like weeds. Many of which seem to fail after a few weeks.
    I’m sure, with your experience of leading a kinship, most of these new kin leaders would benefit if you did decide to run a segment in the show.
    happy huntin’

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