LOTRO Did You Know? – Sparing Spots


Recently, sapience talked about sparing spots in Middle-Earth. So I went out and located the ones that I knew, so anyone could use them for sparing events.

1: Coldfells in Ettenmoors

coldfells1 coldfells2

A PVP arena was player requested when the Ettenmoors was updated with a mailbox and vault keeper. However , who would take time to build a arena in the middle of a war zone? Players suggested a dirt circle surrounded by rocks to make it look like a natural sparing circle. The rest is history.

2: Ost forod in Evendim

ostforod1 ostforod2

If you follow the path out of East Ost Forod and head west, you will find this arena. A very simple location to get to and you even get some presents to cheer you on!

3: Galtrev in Dunland

galtrev1 galtrev2

This is my favorite place to spar. You get a crowed to watch you, its small so there in not much running away, and the walls can not be jumped over. What more can you ask for?

4: ????? in Rohan?


When sapience talked about the new sparing arena, he said it was added by the devs and hoped that players would use it. Nobody seems to know where this spot is, and some tell me the devs have reported that it was never added. Do you know where it is? 

*2/24/2014 UPDATE* It is confirmed. No arena in Rohan… (Shakes fist at Rohan)

5: The Stone Dias

stonedias1 stonedias2

This item can be purchased from Hafgrím in Gath Forthnír for the low low price of 57 silver! This is famous for most PVP kin houses. My kin used to spar every Friday night, no matter how drunk we were! 

Do you know any other locations that you use for sparing, or know of some arenas that nobody knows about? Please post a comment and I will add them to this post!

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2 Responses to LOTRO Did You Know? – Sparing Spots

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  2. D. Handlesman says:

    The arena that has a quest chain associated with it that is a horse ride away from Galtrev…can’t remember what it is called. Quick beams grove over near isengard. Path overlooking wulfs cleft. Middle of the fords of isen…

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