LOTRO Did You Know? – VIP to Premium



This was sent in from minion Tryen from Brandywine

Going from VIP to Premium without losing a thing

Ok the title is not completely true since there is no possible way to buy Moors access of the Freep Side, but other than that you can get literally anything that VIP gets by purchasing it for a 1 time cost and never having to pay for it again.

I had a rough idea in mind but did not want to post until Wooks VIP ran out (mine has another month) so that I could get some more solid numbers for you.

Just as an idea other than Expansions (with their bonuses) we have not bought a single quest or expansion pack. Today when wook logged in here are the things she needed to buy in order to get all the instances, skirmishes, ect:

Character Slot – 595
Character slot – 595
Enedwaith – 695
Angmar – 795
Great River – 795
Halls of Night – 195
Forsaken inn – 195
Attack and Destroy – 495
Defend and hold – 625
Mithedras – 195

This is a total of 5,180 TP (less than 4 months worth of VIP when converted to cash)

There are some things that you will probably also want at some point (some may want these sooner rather than later):

25 AH Slots (95×5)
20 Wardrobe (595×2)
Guild (295 per guild per account)
Wildermore (795)
Forochel (595)

this comes to anywhere between 3,055 (if you don’t need to unlock any guild access) to 5,120 (if you need to unlock all 7 guilds guild access … which you will most likely need to do before the next expansion anyway).

This means that at most in order to unlock everything that VIP has to offer (other than PvMP) on Freep side you would need 10,300 TP.

If you are in to monster play you do need to unlock each class (other than Reaver) at 795 points each.

The $100 TP bundle gives 11,000 TP so even if you do not have any TP you can do this for about the cost of a years VIP (the 1 year VIP is $99.99 if bought yearly).

Hope this helps some of you that are on the fence about it and Thanks Wook for help breaking all this down

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4 Responses to LOTRO Did You Know? – VIP to Premium

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Would be interested to see how much it costs in total to get all VIP ‘privileges’ with TP…One of my big expenses that most VIP players forget about is that Chars created after your VIP status need to have trait slots bought with TP…

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  3. Tryen says:

    Actually the cost of the extra bags, trait slots, ect make it so that if you are going to make a new character after dropping Vip it is actually cheaper to resub for 1 month to unlock all of that stuff since it remains unlocked after dropping vip

  4. Lifthil says:

    What about a level 30-40 quest pack like Evendim or North Downs? Both of those contain instances (Annuminas and Fornost, respectively). Also, the article doesn’t make clear that “Attack and Destroy” and “Defend and Hold” are Skirmish Bundles. Also, where’s Eregion for School/Library? And are the Lothlorien dungeons included in Moria? They’re certainly separate in the Instance Finder.

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