Building a Cheaper LOTRO Option

LIFETIMEACCOUNTNever say you’re lifetime. EVER!

This is written for longer term players. Mostly players that have all expansions… and who remember radiance armor. Remember that stupidness…

Oops! Back on topic!

This guide/rant started with a simple question. If you stopped paying for LOTRO, what would you make sure you had before you did.

Most said things like “I don’t know. I guess nothing.”

Well try it once.

If your a long term player, you have all the expansions. So anything level 50+ should be no problem.

Characters you were leveling on low levels could be stopped in their tracks. So you will not be able to quest with them.

Your next crafting tier is locked. No more crafting for you!

Worst part is, all your old raids and skirms are all gone! What ones you ask?


  •  Glinghant
  •  Haudh Valandil
  •  Ost Eledil


  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Shadow
  • Water


  • Dragon
  • Drake
  • Giant
  • Spider


  • Dar Narbugud
  • Halls of Crafting


  • Barad Gularan
  • Carn Dum
  • The Rift
  • Urugarth


  • Prancing Pony
  • Ford of Bruinen
  • Siege of Gondamon
  • Stand at Amon Sul
  • Attack at Dawn
  • Storm of Methdras
  • The Icy Crevasse
  • Thievery and Mischief
  • Trouble in Tuckborough
  • Survival Barrow-Downs


  • Library
  • School
  • Goblin Town Thrown Room

So what do you do?

Well you do what other players do… Resubscribe.

This time tho you should have a plan… TO MAKE A LIFETIME ACCOUNT!

You get 500 Turbine Points every month. That you waste… Yeah… I said it.

You don’t need that damn horse with the fireworks shooting gold coins out its exhaust. You don’t need all those rep, crafting, deed accelerators. They are all on the auction house! You also do not need to keep feeding your Mithril Coin addiction.



First thing your going to miss as a free to player will be quests. So we need key packs here with instances if we can pull it off.



This pack is a important for leveling. You can grind bears here 7 levels early, quest for 5 levels, and then grind out rep for even more EXP and Turbine Points at a fast pace. You also get to keep your Annuminas instances! Thats great news for Seal farmers.



Not the best pack for questing, but it gets the job done. This will let you keep all of the Heligrod instances. Also that Goblin Town instance you never play. lol!


qp3This is the big one. Not only do you have two rep factions here for turbine points, but the questing is great. It lets you keep “In your Absence”  instances and Ost Dunhoth. That is close to a full expansion for the price of a quest pack.

These three packs allow you to keep a large chunk of content for 1985 Turbine points. Sound like a lot? Not really. Do not forget you get 500 points a month as a subscriber. In four months you have all this content for free if you don’t spend points.

Next we have skirmishes.

Eight skirmishes costs 1560 Turbine points.

How often do you run Icy Crevasse and Survival?

Yeah… thought so.

That brings us to six skirmishes at 1170 Turbine Points.

That is doable in just three months.

You can even cut more skirms out and add another quest pack.

Things you will need to worry about is having all of your characters unlocked. If you level a character one by one, this is not a problem. Each character you level unlocks the next one.

Crafting could be a issue. Max out your crafting before you cancel and your in the clear.


My final thoughts.

The point I am trying to get at here is, we are paying rent on things we could just own, and the game wouldn’t be to much different. With a six month subscription, you can pull off most of this list and open everything up that you use.

We have a free 2 play option. So why don’t we use it?

The total of the list above is around 40$ Thats it. How many times have you paid for this content since free to play? Three times a year. Everyone uses different content so this will not be accurate for everyone.

The money we use for subscriptions would pay for any new zone/expansion, and have money left over each year.

So why subscribe?

Right before posting this blog, I noticed a twit came in with a great answer. He said “@Layanor I cut VIP months ago. Got entire quest pack through RoR, tons of storage, few milestones, and 4 pack expans from steam. #happy

Seems I am not the only one catching on.

I would love to hear any tips, ideas, rants, or why you disagree with these ideas. I am always eager to learn from everyone. 🙂

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4 Responses to Building a Cheaper LOTRO Option

  1. The only permanent drawback is that you can’t do PvMP as a freep without paying EVERY MONTH for it. It’s continually disappointing that the only activity you ABSOLUTELY MUST subscribe for seems to get very little of that subscription revenue invested in it.

  2. tsuhelm says:

    as a Premium player toying with becoming VIP this is an interesting article. I need to decide where to level my character after Moria and before Isenguard and your mention of Enedwith..has confirmed it as my next purchase…Isenguard to follow…

    I don’t understand what crafting block you are talking about as I have maxed some of my chars..guild access maybe?.

  3. Thavious says:

    I have 2 lifetime accounts, that said I also have an additional 4 f2p accounts that I use for multi boxing. Like you I picked the evendim quest packs for f2p leveling. I also paid for the moria, mirkwood expansions. I bought the great river area so far and will probably skip rohan from all of the bad feedback about the war steeds.

    • layanor says:

      I was very happy with the war steeds. Also, they are needed for all the late-game questing. A lot of mobs are on horseback and the damage and health of mobs are much higher to compensate for war steeds.

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