LOTRO Did You Know? – Get Your Skill Deeds Done Fast!


Skill deeds can be a hassle to get done. At times you can have 10 or 15 going at the same time. You can easily lose track on how many times for each one every day.

I recommend doing only the ones you use the most, or the ones you really want right away, and then do the rest when your max level in the game.

At level 75, and 85 you can find a training dummy in a town and do all your attack skills on it. The dummy must be on level with you or higher. However if its higher, you will miss more and the skill count wont register.

The next thing you need is a Skill and Slayer Deed Boost. This will let you get x2 credit every time you do a skill, and removes the cap on doing them for a hour and a half.

You can find these in the Turbine store for 150 tp, but it is much more practical to buy them on the auction house. On Brandywine they are going for 12 g.

Next thing you want to do is line up all your skills on a hotbar. That way you can click right down the line and know you didn’t miss any.

Also, add some to your quest tracker so you can watch the progress.

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