Remember Skraid night?


Don’t laugh. That really is a quest.

I remember when skirmishes came out with Mirkwood. They were very cool! You grab all your buddies and even people on your ignore list and go play!

They had a weekly lock that reset every Thursday. The gear was decent to great, and Glff would EXPLODE with invites!

So what the hell happened to that?

Just like every other raid cluster, things get old and over played. Run into the ground if you will.

But what about them now?

The system is far from dead. Skirms are still very much alive. You just do not see them advertised as much anymore. Like a instant fun button for friends to play in.

Turbine is making money on these packs still. I believe as leveling tools for lowbies.

If you’re leveling off of skirms, then you’re only buying one. Storm on Methedras. This is a straight line skirmish which requires very little skill and is over within minutes.  

So here is what gets me.

I keep asking Turbine over and over if the skirmish raid chest will ever get updated to the new raid looting rules. Not once have I got a solid answer.

When the new loot rules came into play for raid content, it was awesome! Everyone gets loot, and you get a random chance to win something good. Granted some do not like the loot rules but it is better than what we had before by far.

So here is the kicker. Skirm chests still are not updated.

Why they over look this all the time, I will never know.

The weird thing is, turbine went into the skirms after Rohan and updated all the lieutenant item drop rules to the new loot system and avoided looking at the chests.

That is 18 “19 if we include survival” skirmishes that have the old loot rule.

Not only is it not updated, but they are bugged and exploitable. You can run these skirmishes and get no gear or jewelry for anyone. Sometimes when the victory message comes up, your client crashes. Other times your own raid will screw you over by master looting and then kicking you out to keep the gear for themselves.

Some would argue that the gear is not always the best for end game. That is fine. It is faster and easier then some some raid content. Cant complain about that! Not to mention the kin gets tired of doing the latest raid content over and over.

Honestly! Who doesn’t love the skirmish system?

Now it is idea time!

There is raid content in Angmar that are set up like skirmishes. With very minor polish, these can be new again!

Even Lothlorien has a skirmish like raid system. Convert that!

Hell… We all want mounted combat instances. Give us a huge boxed off area and throw some stuff in it for us to fight. Make it random and call it “Skirmish: Rohan Mounted Survival”

I want to take my kin and warsteed down a dragon, but you know what! I will settle for giants and wurms. We not to picky. 😀

What I really want is to have those damn skirmish chests updated so they give everyone loot and a random chance at gear. This will put them right back into my kins raid list, and bring a much missed game system back into my favorite game.

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2 Responses to Remember Skraid night?

  1. tsuhelm says:

    I just posted on your power level guide about skirmishes and here you are recommending a skirmish: Storm on Methedras…sounds like the one to get? (Must be better than Tucky, right?

    Thx 🙂

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