LOTRO Did You Know? – Root and Stun Immunity in a Bottle


I have had a few players tell me about the different potions you can get from the Ettenmoors. They said you can use them outside of the moors. However every time I look at the vendors who sell them, they always say “must be in PvMP” to use them.
Well I finally found the ones they were talking about. They can only be found in The Delving of Fror. That is the underground instance of the moors.
These can be found on salamanders and wurms. However wurms are faster to kill.
Each one gives immunity to something.

The fact that the fear potion gets rid of three fears and give immunity for 5 seconds is very powerful. Not to mention this has a separate cool down from normal fear potions. However the fear level is low. It will not be useful in many places.

The other two potions are for stun and root immunity. These are THE best potions a tank could want. There is no level on them. They just work!

For example, I was in the three man Webs of the Scutteldells. We kept getting stuck over and over. I passed out the root immunity potions and we had no problem getting tier 2 challenge. Oh yes… they are that good!

These do require you to get rank 1 in the moors, but that is easy to do. You can have a friend kill some creeps for you, or just ask him for the moors stuff he has for OR. Which is a quest hub on the east side of the map.

Turning in all the stuff for the quests will instantly rank you.
You can then start watching for these potions on the auction house or farming them yourself, and have a extra potion in your bag for whatever situation.

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