LOTRO Did You Know? – Outfit of Mystery


I came across the mystery outfit boxes recently and tried to look up their cosmetics. I found that someone had posted all the different cloaks for one of them


This shows all the patterns that you can get on the mystery outfits

.You can get these from the cosmetics vendor in the skirmish camp for 63 skirmish marks. The pattern only shows up when you dye it.

Something like this could be used for kinships. Such as getting some matching ones for your officers, marking groups of players in your kin raids, or you could just pick one as your official kinship cloak like guild wars used to have.

Heck! You could get all matching cloaks for your band!

I recently used this in a kinship event. I opened a cloak and put it on. Then anyone who could match my cloak won 100 gold.!

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1 Response to LOTRO Did You Know? – Outfit of Mystery

  1. Carica says:

    Oh, how neat. I was wondering what the mystery cloak was.
    Trying to find enough amount of the same pattern for the use for kinship might be too hard, but I like that event idea!

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