LOTRO Did You Know? – LOTRO Store items are in the Auction House


Many things in the Turbine Store can be found in the Auction House.

Look at the AH list and look for premium.

All of your favorite Turbine Store hits are here! Such as…

[Tome of Continuing Mark Acquisition] +25% Marks from Skirms 1H 30m

[5 Tomes of Defence] -10% Damage

[5 +10% Run Speed Boost (90 min)]

[Tome of Extraordinary Experience] 100% exp and Mounted exp for 1h

[Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (90 min)]

[Scroll of Combination] 15m

Morale bonus

Xp bonus

Moors Renown bonus

Resummon skirmish soldiers in combat

Revive yourself Tome

Stat Tomes:  +10 in any stat.


All these items can be bought with in game gold here. Some may be a lot so watch the prices as they go up and down.

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