LOTRO Did You Know? – Follow Command On Your Warsteed


Sent in from MinionΒ Tomeoric, of Landroval

Rather than attempt to match speeds with a landscape mob (mounted) on my warsteed using the “W” and “S” keys, I’ve found a much better method – not using them at all.

What I do is map a hot bar button to the “/follow” command. Β You can do this by typing the following:

/shortcut ## /follow

… where ## is the position in the shortcut bar. Β You can always move it once it is created, but it will overwrite a current shortcut if you don’t put it in a blank spot to being with.

So, at the outset of the fight with a mounted enemy, I will click on them, then click on this shortcut. Β If the enemy is at a distance, my steed will approach at max speed. Β As soon as the enemy runs, this will keep me at the enemy’s speed and I will ride right next to them – until I adjust the speed or the course manually (which will disengage the follow).

Hope this assists you with your combat!

Layanor – I have found this to be a great tip when I am tanking or DPS on a warband. I can follow right behind them and they never turn around. They just walk slow and normally cant do much about me being behind them.

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