LOTRO Did You Know? – Preparing for a Expansion


Every year, LOTRO adds in a new crafting Tier.

Start stocking up on your guild rep items. Once the new crafting tier comes into play, you can max it out on day one!

If you are a fast leveler, start looking on the Auction Hall for 100% exp scrolls.

You also want to have a lot of daily quests done and ready to turn in on day one. This will give you a very big jump on things.


Do not ditch them on day one or break them as soon as you hit level cap! EVER!

Plan ahead. Search the Auction Hall for relic remove scrolls. These are normally cheap.

Save up a lot of skirmΒ Marks and Medallions for scrolls to upgrade your new Legendary Items.

Start combining all your relics so you can get the best ones on day one!

If you can not make any new relics, use your old ones. DO NOT TOSS THEM AWAY! You will kick yourself later if you do. Use the relic Removal Scrolls to transfer the relics to your new Legendary Weapon. You can always overwrite your relics with better ones later.

If you have relics coming out of your ears, start breaking them into shards.


Got lootboxs, top tier crafting stuff, or even Second and First age stuff laying around? Auction Hall all of it, or even vendor it. Your going to need plenty of room for more stuff.

Ladies, its time to empty out your wardrobe. I would say 6 – 7 slots. You want to be up to date in fashion. I’m tired of seeing all that Mirkwood gear you still have laying around. πŸ˜›

A good rule of thumb is to have 200 – 300 gold ready to go when the expansion hits. If you cant get that much, get as much as you can!

Any other tips? Add comments below and I will add them in.

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