LOTRO Did You Know? – Special Range and AOE Situations


Today’s did you know is about the magical out of your range abilities of skills.

Playing a warden out in the moors has taught me a lot. No matter how far my target is, I have a great chance to hit it. Even if it runs down a hill out of view or behind a rock. My ambush is gonna knock em down!

If I start my ambush when they are at the edge of my range, and they run away out of my range. It will still hit unless they are real far away. Max range for ambush is 15m. This is clearly 20 to 25 meters if they run away.

Most of the time, anything that you catch in your induction range will still get hit. Event if they run away.

Now lets say right as my throw animation is about to go off and a creep just slips behind a rock. Because the animation is already going, the ambush still goes off straight through the rock and knocks them down. I assume its because there is line of site before they hide that split second so the game does the attack no matter what.

So what does this mean to other classes?

I have tested this out. If a lore master does lightning storm and mobs run off somewhere else. The storm will still hit them outside of your range. Even if they run behind something.

Because the game doesn’t have action game mechanics, a lot of the melee skills act differently. For example, you’re not running in with a AOE attack. Your dropping a AOE attack. Very few attacks follow you.

A good example of this is to drop a square of duct tape onto some marbles rolling around. All the marbles in that attack will stick to the tape.

If this was a action game. You would instead be shoving a wood square with tape threw the marbles and seeing how many you hit as it went through.

Most big tanking skills check for its targets as soon at you click the button. Then after the animation it will do the threat. So you can run in, hit your skill and run to a good tanking spot. When your animation ends, your mobs will run right to your location.

What this all boils down to is knowing more about how the attacks work in the game.

Anyone that reads this, please leave a comment on other examples you have found, or fun situations that have happened.


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