LOTRO Did You Know? – Lock Window Resize


If you are using a skin to make your UI look pretty, you may have noticed that all your skill bars go nuts when you resize your the game while in window mode.

You can lock your window size so this no longer happens.

In your My Documents folder/ The Lord of the Rings Online folder, under all your screenshots is aΒ UserPreferences.ini file.

Right click this file and open it with Notepad.EXE or Word.EXE

Search for this option.Β AllowWindowResizing=True

Change it to this.Β AllowWindowResizing=False

This should lock your window so it can not be resized.

This file will be updated and erase your setting. So if your bars go nuts again, just re-edit this file and your good to go!

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3 Responses to LOTRO Did You Know? – Lock Window Resize

  1. Kazren says:

    I use the “Delving Hills’ skin and never have a problem with things not being in the right slots, but thanks for the DYK. Love these.

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  3. Scott says:

    Does this work if you are tabbing in and out of the game to open say Ventrilo, or change channels? I like LOTRO full screen at 4:3 ratio. I am always haveing to adjust my screen win I tab out and then back in

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