Booze and Blogs

epicbeerSometimes a good idea can be a bitter one. Get It??

I have been talking to a few fans lately. Most of them would love to have me go out with them for a beer.

In fact, one already did!

So I started to wonder if a donation button would be a good idea. My fans could toss some cash at my head and I could get a six pack every once in awhile for making them laugh. I think just about every blogger has one now. Why not me?

Then I started to REALLY think about it. What if the donations were to have me review a BEER!

So more thoughts poured into my head.

What if its bad beer?

What if they know I don’t like said beer and have me keep drinking that beer?

What if my fans send me to many beer donations?

Do I drink them all in one night?

Is a mess on my keyboard considered a good time?

Should I take drunk pictures?

Would anyone believe I drank a Pabst Blue Ribbon?

What if my fans turned me into a alcoholic?

What if this trend catches on and im on the news? “Fat ass blogger makes his readers make him fatter.”

Fox News would love that shit.

I would have to then write a “I am not destroying America.” speech like every other guest.


Am I thinking to big?

I don’t think so cause this will not make me rich. Just make my liver fail.

The fact is, I love that anyone comes to read my stuff at all. So if you guys want me to do something stupid, let me know. I’m a fan of you guys as you are of me!

So donate if I make entertain you.

If you want me to do a beer review, donate the cash to buy it, and a message telling me about it. Drink it warm, cold, off some chicks ass. whatever.

Now time for the surprise. *Holds up first donation cash.* The first beer review will be soooooooon!

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