LOTRO Did You Know? – Skirmish Soldiers


I have not seen very many guides for them so I thought I would bring this up as a discussion topic.

Right now the opinion on skirm soldiers is to only pick herbalist. Talking to many players all seem to agree with this and have ruled out all of the other skirmish soldiers.

For Layanor I have two maxed out soldiers. Sage and a Herbalist. A lot of the skills for these soldiers are interchangeable and they both have the “stay behind you” AI. I also used to have the archer which was great dps but in a skirm you need aoe damage much more than single target.

Syldorr from Brandywine suggests to uncheck the box at the top of the training screen so you can see all the skills you can get. This lets you buy different soldier classes. So you don’t have to only have one soldier all the time. Just remember you need to buy skills for them to be useful.

Question to Pineleaf. “If my max level is 85, why can my soldier go higher than 85.

Answer: “Your soldier is always the same level you were at the time you summoned them. When you rank your soldier, you are not increasing their level but instead improving their effectiveness (similar to how you can be more effective by improving your virtues or your equipment).

The level you see in the tooltip for a soldier trait is the recommended level for that rank. If your soldier’s ranks are below your level, then it is like fighting with a weapon that has a lower equip level than yours.

You can train a soldier to a rank with a higher effective level than your current level but the cost for purchasing the rank is higher than it would cost you for purchasing the same rank when you are at a higher level. In general, I rank my soldier as close to the recommended level as possible while I am leveling. When I am at cap, I often push to the maximum rank despite the extra cost but I recommend this only if you either have surplus marks (since you have to pay a premium for ranking above your level) or if you plan on running high-tier skirmishes (where every little bit helps).”

From Rorgg

The mark costs of skirmish soldier traits are relative to the difference between the “Level” noted on the tool tip and your level when you purchase it. i.e., it costs more to buy a particular trait (Enduring Power rank 10, say) at level 30 than at level 40.

The upshot of this is that if you had your skirmish traits all maxed at level 75, if you level to 85, then use the Scroll of Skirmish Refund from the LOTRO store (295 TP), you can then buy your skirmish traits to the new, higher maximum for a net cost of probably less than 100 marks. The difference in cost almost exactly covers the extended ranks.

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  1. Lythiea says:

    I’d add this tip: http://cstm.mymiddleearth.com/2012/02/skirmish-refund-tip/

    If you can spare the TP, you get a huge return of marks.

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