LOTRO – I am expected to leave the game.


Yesterday was the big news on class changes.

If you missed it, the new skill trees will let you spend skill points to make your skills better. The more you spend, the more skills open up. You will not have enough points to spend for all the skills. You will be able to come close to filling out your entire tree tho.

A specialization is basically how your trait bonuses are now. Remember going five red gives you all the red bonuses? Well this is the same thing but the bonuses are better somehow.

So the big thing right now is the complaint that we will not be able to have all of our skills that we have sitting on our skill bar, ready for action!

Heres the thing. YOU DON’T USE THEM ALL!

Now I know some of you are going to argue this. That’s fine. Just listen to this example first.

I talked to this champ that was all pissed off about not having all his skills on his bar. I said “Dude you don’t use them all. You only use a few to make pips for shing shing. Then what? Two bubbles?”

I explained to him that if he wants to go DPS, he can have a skill set ready to rock. If he wants to tank, he can have another set. If he wanted to go AOE, then he could have another set ready to go. Mind you this has to be switched out of combat, but that’s still pretty easy!

Then we had to laugh for a second. Cause a hunter posted the question “There are too many skills for the hunter. Will some of them be merged into others?”

Who is this hunter? Why is he hitting all his skills? What do you guys use… like Quick Shot, Heartseeker, Barbed Arrow, uuhhh theres like one or two more. Then like one heal skill and maybe something else. WHY YOU HITTING 20 SKILLS DUDE!

Point is, think about the buttons you click right now. You’re not hitting that many of them. You already have all the ones you like lined up in a row!

Okay so here is the main topic of this rant.

I was flooded on Brandywine by many players asking for my opinion on the new skill stuff. Some just didn’t get it, some just wanted to talk about it, and then we have… these guys…

Six players messaged me, NOT trolling me mind you, and simply asked me when i’m going to leave the game. Before, or after the expansion.

What a strange question. As soon as I got done talking to one and saying *wtf* another would ask almost the same question.

“Hey Lay. I had it with this game. My kin is headed to Neverwinter. Want to join us?”

“Layanor. They are switching all the legacies again. Are you leaving before, or after the expansion.”

So you guys wanted change in the game, you’re getting it and now you’re bailing? Seriously?

So here is my view. I’m not going to say this will be the best expansion ever. However it will be close.

We are getting class revamps. A new huge zone, and some sort of new raid thing called Big Battles where we will be able to do some complex teamwork stuff.

Hell, even some housing updates.

Also a update to the creeps. They are getting Corruption Set Bonuses. If you remember, the devs said no Moors updates till after Helms Deep.  Congrats creeps!

I don’t know about you, but this feels like a well planed out expansion.

So no. I am not going to leave the game because Turbine decided to make new changes.

What am I going to say when I jump on Guild Wars 2. “Oh I left LOTRO. It sucks now. They upgraded my class and gave me a new raid system I never seen before. Can you guys tell me what these buttons do? I’m new :D*

Screw that. I’m staying on LOTRO. You guys that don’t like it can kiss my ass.

Thanks for reading my rant all 😉

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9 Responses to LOTRO – I am expected to leave the game.

  1. Ranni, the Flamingbard says:

    Thought they said the housing updates were being delayed, that they wouldn’t be ready for HD launch? I could have just completely made that up but thought I read it somewhere recently.

  2. I believe what they said is that the housing updates are being rolled out independently of Helm’s Deep. So they *could* theoretically happen before the expansion, but the far more likely scenario is that they happen later on. (I’m mainly thinking of the QA work that Helm’s Deep will require, which will probably leave no testing resources to use for housing.)

  3. Chocoholic says:

    I’m looking forward to these changes. Granted, I’ve got a hunter with loads of skills at lvl 34, of which, indeed, I don’t use them all. It’s a good thing we get to keep the porting skills independent of the trait skills and not included in those 20 skills, cause otherwise it would be hell porting around. I already love, love, love my porting skills and I don’t even have them all!
    Right now I’m still trying to make sense of it all, but the way I think I have to view it is like the trait/skill tree in Rift. In rift you earn soulpoints every level and you get to invest them in your soultree and thus unlock skills. (allbeit a hell of a lot more then 20…).
    As far as specialization goes, I think that’s a good thing 🙂 I like that idea. Less skills, but more power? Yes!

    Leaving because of these changes? Hell no! I totally agree with you on that 😀

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  5. Tapkoh says:

    I am concerned about the class changes and this move to fewer skills and less utility. Some classes ARE utility. Among the abilities I use on my LM, I use nearly all of them at some point in most raids. I need more info on what I’m gaining and losing. Will I be able to use Water-lore or Beacon of Hope if I, uh, “tree” for dps? Will I lose damage abilities if I go for debuffs? Without revamping skills at the same time, that would be horrible since most damage abilities have cc/debuffs associated with them.

    I also have concerns with the one question asked specifically about wardens. I don’t care if I lose access to stuff like Warden’s Triumph or Adroit Maneuver while tanking. They’re not necessary and more dps-focused. They said they’re looking at reducing the overall gambit list. I love juggling three heals, 4+ buffs, and keeping aggro. If they cut that in half, for example, I’m not sure I’d enjoy tanking anymore. It’s not like the instances lately are their most complicated works.

    I wouldn’t assume that reducing abilities is a good thing all around, just like I wouldn’t assume they’re going to screw it all up. Considering they royally screwed up tanking with the Moria launch, destroyed wardens with the Isengard launch, and had *nothing* to tank with Rohan, I’m very concerned about my warden especially, but I want more info.

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  7. Hezze of Brandywine says:

    Got around to reading this finally Lay, great article.

    I completely agree – LotRO kicks ass.

    ~Hezze and Hemme of Brandywine

  8. Matt says:

    How do you feel now?

    • layanor says:

      Very much the same. Considering I still play the game for hours daily, and still podcast at LOTRO Reporter, It is still my fav game and I love the hell out of it.

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