LOTRO Did You Know? – What Does This Wardrobe Do?


A did you know from Minion Cari

You can put any cosmetic item OR Armour piece into the wardrobe.

The wardrobe makes a copy of the item and stores it there, however you still keep the original as well.

The Wardrobe is free with 20 slots for your account as a VIPs and is accessible to all of your characters that are on that server..

You can purchase up to 130 wardrobe slots.

You can dye all the items in your wardrobe multiple colors. There will be one copy with all the colors you add to it.

When you remove an item from the wardrobe it’s gone. POOF! . So make sure you still have your original item on in storage somewhere if you want it back.

You can put items in your wardrobe like heavy armour or faction items and all your characters can wear them.

You can unlock lots of outfit slots. I have them all unlocked. That way you can have your raid outfit, cold weather outfit, warm weather outfit. battle outfit, band outfit, drunken party outfit all set to go.

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