LOTRO Did You Know? – Link Multiple Accounts



From Minion Cari. Updated 8/21/2013

You can link multiple Free-To-Play accounts to your existing Turbine subscription.

This is extremely useful when you want to own multiple houses, or create enough alts to make your own kinship.

You can set up these accounts so that they are all accessed with a single login and password!

Here’s how to set it up:

* Go to http://support.turbine.com/ics/support/ticketnewwizard.asp?style=classic

* Choose the Account support team for LotRO.

* Choose the Request Type: Free Key Request.

* Your key will show up via email in a couple of days.

* Log in to myaccount.turbine.com and add the key to your existing account.

* Restart LotRO and voila, the new login box appears with account selection!

Not only can you buy another house through this linked subscription, it activates as a Premium account!

NOTE: Premium status may be for a limited time.  If you are making alts to start your own kinship, try to create all of your alt characters, level them out of the starting zone, and invite them into the kinship within the first few days.

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1 Response to LOTRO Did You Know? – Link Multiple Accounts

  1. Ashik says:

    Thanks alot for this info 🙂 I would like to clarify a few things b4 i try it out,
    1. If i do the above process would i be able to do multiboxing?
    2. If i do the above process, would the 2 accouns share the regions thta they have acquired(quest packs bought from store)?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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