LOTRO Did You Know? – Combat Options


Lately we have a lot of new players learning how to raid. I’m going to cover some combat options this week to help them out.

Show Assist Window: This window shows someone in your raid that is assigned raid assist target. Whatever he targets will show up in this window. This is helpful for everyone attacking one target. Or in some cases all healers healing one target.

Enable Skill Target Forwarding: This works with the raid assist person. Just click on their name and all your skills will hit his target. Simple!

Some extra quick things i’d like to point out.

Directional Selection Indicator: This one shows a short dotted line that shows you the direction of your target. This is useful when you lost your target when spin around to fast, or when you get lost behind rocks or walls. Sadly you can not see this line when mounted.

War-steed Auto-slowdown: Instead of mashing down over and over to stop your war-steed. This lets you tap down once, and the damn thing slows down.

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