LOTRO Did You Know – Quest for Rally Horn and Run Speed Items


A long time ago, in a tree house far far away. There lived some elves. It was called Lothlorien. Remember Lothlorien? Grinding out Lothlorien Gold Leafs and, Lothlorien Silver Branch can get you some older items that still have some great use.

The first item is the Lothlorien Survival Guides. You get a 15% run speed bonus that lasts for a full minute and has a 10 minute cooldown. This is not as useful as crafted coffee BUT these can be used in combat. This is a great item to have when things go bad.

The second item is much more useful. It is the Lorien Rally Horn. This is a rally horn that will summon anyone to your side. No matter what class you are. This has a three day cooldown on it, and you don’t use them alot. Infact this is kinda a rare item to use, but when you are walking someone through moria and they fall down a crack without dieing… You can either summon them back up, or wait for them to milestone, and ride all the way back to you. This is useful for other situations as well. Remember doing RoF? You had to discover the instance to get in. How many times did you have to wait for someone to guide another player to go discover it?

A few quests will get you these rare items and you can keep them in your bags for extreme situations. They cost 3 Gold leafs and 20 silver branches, and you get 2 of each when you buy them.


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