LOTRO Did You Know? – What to do if you get hacked.


If you are hacked, you have 10 days to report it.

You will get most or all of your stuff back.

If you dont get everything back, they will try to give try to give you something close to what you lost.


The best way to protect yourself is to change your password every month. Bill has covered some password protection programs before. So I will tell you what I do.

First I slam on all my keys a lot until i have a very long mess of letters and numbers.

Example: jhgfiuf34982389tyufjuuytt6t56e45ey3ehk3rp050t3r89y877y7637i84uyrt3y8983y799ox04898954u58y78368xb98364678ui40o04i9t7589tyn78y794um 9039p049048u903i0ci849u89yn5cu094u58vy79u9c003co0304ci904i03i03ci403ic

Then I will start to copy and paste small chunks of this into a new line for my password. The reason why I do this is if you have a keylogger. It will track what you are typeing. If you just a large line of font, it will just see all that and not know what you are doing.

Example: 7y7 4i 646 8y7 cu0 ty

Next thing I do is take that new line I made and just copy and paste it around to mix it up some more. I may uppercase some of these as well.

Example: 78y7 cU y7 4i 640 ty 6 8y7 Cu

My new password is: 78y7cUy74i640ty6

And that is my brand new password. What I then do is copy the entire line to its own text file and I put it somewhere on my computer. When I log in, I copy that line and paste it in the password box so I never type it out.

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