LOTRO Did You Know? – Rohan Resource Instances


Some of you are wondering where the heck are the three new crafting instances?

What you need to do is get to level 84. This will let you start questing at Hytbold in the Sutcrofts. This will lead you on a quest chain to rebuild the entire town. Once you do some of these quests, you can pick what to rebuild. You want to pick one of these three.

  • Rebuild Library

  • Rebuild Lumber mill

  • Rebuild Metalsmith

Once you have done that, you must then build a superior workbench for the one you picked.

A barter npc with a new quest will show up in the crafters section of Hybolt and he

will have the new resource instance.

The Scholar quest has new legendary titles to pick.

The Prospector quest has tier 5 sealed relics as well as the new Compendium 4 crafting item.

And the Woodworkers quest lets you select more tier 5 sealed relics.

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