LOTRO Did You Know? – Instance Finder Skirmish Bonus


Hold the control key and hit J. Go into the Advanced tab.. This will help you fill in some spots when you are looking for more players in instances and raids. We all know most players do not use this but you still can make it useful  for yourself.

Click skirmish and put the number of players to one or however many friends are going to join you. Then start checking off skirmishes. The more you check off, the more bonus you get.

Adding one skirm = 10% on all currencies

Adding 4 = 15%

Adding 7 = 20%

Adding 11 = 33%

Adding 14 = 50% with a +5% to morale and power

14 is the max for added bonus

You can go up to 18 skirms but the bonus stops at 14. So it is better to go up to 14 and leave out a lot of the harder or slower skirms.

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