The Secret World – First Contact Part 6


You need to step off and give me my quest old man!

I have free time to play the Secret World! YAY!

Now where was I.

Ah yes! I started a new area with my roommate about two months ago.

We were fighting a lot of boob demons.

I log in and head back to that area. After saying hello again to the boob demons, I go into the town and find me some quests to do.

I find a dude and his dog, and he tells me about a dark house.

However, we have to stop here for a second.

This game makes me laugh so much during these cut scenes when my character meets someone.

She walks up and they see her and talk to her. “Hello there! My name is Random NPC and I see you have come to save our city! You look like a strong woman! What’s your name? …. Not going to tell me your name? Well I used to be like that back in 1938! I used to be a tough woman back then! Still am when my third husband comes to yell at me. I remember when I used to run around beating up boys for no reason. Those were the days. Now I just stay here and work on my car. I got this car back in 1947. My dad gave it to me as a gift and he was murdered by my mom. We have strong women in our family!”

What the fuck?

So my character doesn’t talk to anyone, yet they feel compelled to give her their life’s story. Can you imagine this in real life?

You walk into a bar and stare at someone, and they just lay out all their childhood and baggage on you, and then sleep with you.

It wouldn’t be a perfect world, but men sure would be more quiet. I know I would 😉

Back to the game!

This house really hates me.

I mean REALLY REALLY hates me.

First off when I walk in the front door, it spits me out. When I enter the backdoor, the whole place groans and moans like it wants to chew on me but can’t. Not a good feeling.

Heres the kicker.

I go upstairs in the bathroom and I hear a woman laughing at me. The door shuts and the house poisons me to death.


After that I decided to not fuck with this house till later.

I go back to London and explore the world of fashion. Cause right now I look like a whore from Whoresvill.

Cause who doesn’t like to shop at Whoresvill 😉

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