Guild Wars 2 – Lost In A Detailed World Part 7

guildwars2goodbyeadventureWelcome back Layanor! Go find me some rocks!

So I log into the game, looking forward to seeing something different in this game. And I do.

Some NPC is spinning around killing players and casting tornadoes. Hes not just doing this for fun, he is actually killing players.

So players jump in and attack his ass. About a minute goes by and after 2 deaths, he is… passive!

He says *ok i’ll back off.* or something like that. What???

… Whatever.

I haven’t logged in for about two months so it is obvious something is going on.

I turn around and see a hot air balloon. I know that wasn’t there before. But the woman says she can not fly her ship because pirates are threatening to shoot her down. Ok. I see no pirates…

Then I see a pirate ship over in the distances shooting at… nothing in the air. So I wonder to myself.

Could this be action in the game? Surely it could be!

So I run over to it, jumping up clifs and crossing rivers and bad guys. Once I get there… it flys away.

There it goes. Adventure is flying away from me…

Bye bye adventure! *Wave wave*

So I walk back to the woman and find there is no slap emote. I do notice that the door is open now. So I walk up and loot a chest at the top and fly to a magical city.

Is it Oz?

Might as well be, cause I have no clue what it is. So I find the nearest waypoint and head back to the area I originally was in.

This is not the action i’m looking for. I want to be fighting stuff. I’m a warrior!

I wander around a bit and do some more find shit on the ground quests. I run into a new area I have not seen before. MAybe this is where I should be? The map says level 50.

Ohhhh guess not.

Why the fuck is a level 50 area connected to a level 15 area?

Anyway… I leave and find another portal to a new area to the east. This has some action in it, some cartoon animal guys are running around with healing machines and flamethrowers. They are killing bad guys, so I jump in and slaughter everything in seconds.

They run over to some huge worm in the ground and it feels like a boss fight.

Is THIS the action section of the game?


At this point I do not trust it.

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