Rift – Entering the Portal Really Hurts Part 5


We don’t serve their kind here!

I could not figure out how to switch servers. So I ended up deleting my character, hoping that would do it.


So after some more clicking around, I find that Shards in the character select screen is servers.

I make a character from the right faction. Not the left one.

I meet up with my friends in game and we are killing stuff and having fun.

However the NPC just one shotted me.

Ok so I assume that means thats the other faction. However all my friends just walked past the NPC.


So I delete that character and start all over again on the left side. Called Guardian or something.

Holyshit boreing!

It is not too bad. *cough Guilds Wars 2 cough* I mean I get to kill stuff.

But man do they lay on the religious stuff. Is this Warhammer 40k?

The races on this side are sexyer tho. The ass on my character is… mmmm assy!

The best part of the game is the option to do a Rift. You can level fast just by doing those. So handy!

I switched classes to. And guess what…


Click the button and the mob just floats into the air and lands right in front of me.

This game feels more like Mortal Kombat now!

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