I’m not posting blogs, and lots of cussing.


When blogging goes horribly wrong…

This week I will be kicking back and working on a project for my little buddy Chris on MMO Reporter.

Not to many blogs will be kicked out.

I will try to throw some shit out tho.

We will see.

So let me see if anything in my brain can make this post worth reading.

I got it.

A mother fucker is someone that seems to fuck mothers. As in your mother, or my mother. The ultimate insult for some.

Lets talk about the censored versions of this.

Mother Humper: Made popular from the movie “Tremors”. This is someone who just goes out to hump your mother. This could be a simple insult for most, but really. Do you want to see something run across the Walmart parking lot and hump your mother? Dogs come to mind. So lets assume that your calling someone a dog when you say this.

Mother Sucker: I recently herd this one from a friend. What? Ok so what are we talking about here. Neck? Boobs? Hangnails? What the fuck is a mother sucker. First thing to my mind is a vampire. Cause they suck blood. In my mind he sucks blood from da boob. That’s just me.

Mother Dumper: Someone dumped my mom? Honestly I can’t blame them. Shes way to much into Elvis. Mother Dumper… So really this guy just breaks hearts. This must be the simplest version of the censored Mother Fucker list.

Now lets play with this.

Mother Lumper: This is a scary one! What the fuck can that lump be? Health problems come to mind instantly. However it could be a lump from oh… a baseball bat! At this point id rather my mother be fucked then lumped! It almost seems more curtius.

Mother Huffer: I bet someone has used this one before. This would imply that someone huffed at your mother. In which case she prolly kicked him in the nuts, told him he was no good for her, and called him a mother fucker*. See mother fucker in section 1a.*

Mother Ducker: Ok, there are some huge mental vision with this one. First off is someone just walking up to your mom. Saying hi. Then BAM! She has been hit with a duck. So this guy has a dead duck he brings around, looks for mothers, and ducks them.

This does have a defensive version tho. This could be someone ducking from their mom! Or mothers. This is prolly the smartest use of the term.

However if we go back to the original idea. This guy could have… Live ducks! He could be smacking your mom with a live duck. Can you imagine that? You sleeping in your bed. Just got done watching Magic Mike. “Fast forwarding most of it for personal reasons.” Then it happens. The mother ducker is in your house!


You rush to your mothers room to see the duck flapping around but being held like a baseball bat! What do you do!

Think think think…

Really you don’t have to do anything. Cause your naked.

Your mom wakes up and sees you with a guy holding a frantically screaming duck in the air.

Lets just say parenthood can be pretty interesting sometimes.

All that off of half a beer folks! Cheers! *Holds up Lion Stout”*

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