The Secret World – First Contact Part 5


One guess what the guy said after he installed that switch.

I log in today and finish off a small quest within seconds.

I have one quest left. Follow the sirens song.

At first thought, I was like “omg here we go with no help at all again!” I was very wrong! This thing directed me to a place right away.

It had a really good song to. I considered not turning in the quest just so I could keep the item. *I do this in LOTRO all the time. Tee Hee!*

There could be spoilers here. So read them. Cause you know you will anyway!

I walk into the door and there’s this chick standing there. For no reason. She won’t talk to me or give me stupid shit to do. Shes just standing there. She looks young so I don’t zoom in and take screenshots. I am a nice guy you know.

I make my way down a hallway and hear a beeping. Sounds like a bomb.


Insta death. Mmmmmmmkaaaayyyy.

Looking around I see that a camera somehow kills me. Not sure how but ok. I get to where I need to be and plot happens.

This dude is looking at a paper. If he figures this out, he will know where something important is. However he comes off like he is stressed on this for days.

After the event is over i look at it. There is a picture of a airplane with a the name of the airport under it. I go there and guess what…. I know where the secret area is.

So you’re telling me that all these quests in this game that are hard to figure out, this guy has the one quest that basically has a picture and location on where to look… AND HE CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT!

I pick up a second quest out here that has me doing some Mario Bros of death!

Nice to have a puzzle instead of unclear objectives.

Hold on… wait… it is unclear!


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1 Response to The Secret World – First Contact Part 5

  1. Tapkoh says:

    Cassie standing there was a bug. In another mission you have to escort her through the other section of that area. For some reason she was always there. They recently fixed that.

    In sabotage missions and some story missions, you are supposed to avoid cameras, NPCs, and lasers. Cameras and lasers are often linked to bombs nearby and once tripped, are instant death. Sometimes cameras call in NPCs. The NPCs are meant to be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to defeat. The goal of those missions is to be stealthy and use environmental distractions to avoid fighting. Ideally, you would have done a sabotage mission before advancing the story that far (and thus would have known to avoid detection), but from the sound of things, you avoided them.

    As for the story, Beaumont already went to the airport and did surveys of the island in order to find the Illuminati archives. You head to the airport to find out what he saw. He’s the one who circled that area of the map you found, so you’re a step behind him.

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