RIFT – Entering the Portal Really Hurts Part 4

riftflag1of10It’s like a sale at the adult bookstore!

Rift went free to play today.

You could tell by all the classic newbie chatter.

“Obama sucks.” “Join my guild!” “WoW is dead!” “You fail like my mom”

Questing was near impossible. Everything was dieing fast. NPCs were horded so you couldent even click on them.

Just a huge wave of new players.

So what’s a man playing a big breasted women in her undies to do?

Go a Rifting!

I ran at every rift that opened. Pure chaos. Just the way Layanor likes it! I gained a ton of exp by jumping into all of them and joining the public groups for each one.

Imagine all the rift mobs coming out to attack the world.

“Okay. We got this. Lets kill everything we see!… OH SHIT! OPEN THE RIFT BACK UP! SSHHIIITTT!!!!”

Later I started to join the public quest groups. Its like telling your minions to quest for you, and get full rewards. It can’t get better than that!

Very fun day on rift.

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