The Secret World – First Contact Part 4

SECRETWORLDwherethefuckisbillyWhat is a quest tracker for 200$ please!

I came off of MMO Reporter tonight, talking about all the new games I am playing. The world I love the most of those games is the secret world. So I decided to dive right back into the game.

Holy shit was I in for some problems.

I took a break over the weekend for some beer & beer. When I logged back into the game, the quests I was on were not on my map.

Why you ask?

Secret world likes you to figure out the quest while you are in the area.  Well the problem is, if you wander away from that area to go do something else… YOUR FUCKED!

So I have some stupid flamethrower from someone. I think it was a kid. I’m not sure cause I tried to avoid his quests. However I have this thing. So where do I go?

On my search for this kid, I ran into many main quest givers. You can only do one main quest at a time. So why offer them all over the place for me? Why must I pause every quest I find? How did this make it past devs?

After following another quest I run into some guy that has gas cans. He has even more quests to do. I avoid those, but the gas cans are for the flamethrower. This guy is really far away from this kid. How does this connect?

Alright whatever. Gas… and flamethrower…

I can’t find this kid. I’m looking all over the place. So I goolge him up.

Half hour of gameplay gone!

I get to him and use the flamethrower to see if it works. YAY it does.

So now I have to show it to some guy that I never heard of. Why??????

How does a quest system like this get so screwed up?

They say this town had bad stuff happen to it. Like very bad super evil shit.

But in reality, nobody could get anywhere they needed to be and killed themselves!

Blogging about this game is becoming a bitch fest. Will try to focus on something more interesting next time. I hope!

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1 Response to The Secret World – First Contact Part 4

  1. Tapkoh says:

    Personally, I think having only one, tiered main quest at a time and the yo-yo-ing from quest giver to single objective in other MMOs are equally annoying. I am completing the same amount of total quest completion in either case I feel, but both are inefficient.

    This game does not hold your hand. It was a selling point of the game that quests would not be mindless. Rarely will you get an exact position on anything. Most investigation missions will say “Solve it” and leave you to it. You have to go looking, have to read, have to solve puzzles, and so on. Or I guess get really familiar with the mission guides at (<- Hint). For example, the quest text for the flamethrower mission ends with, basically, "use it." There's no map marker because mobs are everywhere and the objective is pretty clear if you read it. As for why you need to show it to some other quest giver…the game is pointing you to another quest giver. Just like almost every other MMO does.

    Press "M" for the overworld map. Quest givers are all marked with a blue icon of a person. Stacks of coins are vendors. The circle within a circle is an anima well (respawn point). Hover over any of them to get a description or name. Avoid any area of the map that is burnt. Those are endgame / world boss type zones called lairs. Also, you can set your own waypoints by right clicking on the map. Now you don't have to google NPCs anymore.

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