Guild Wars 2 – Lost In A Detailed World Part 4


I bet the NPCs really wish they were dead.

I found that some locations will offer you a skill point. Might be some guy you need to beat or something. Nice thing is most of these spots were already done and I never really knew it.

I looked at the skill list today and you can open up some skills with the points. I have some healing skills now.

I wasted a lot of time trying to help some for our. I was too low level to fight stuff, but I could help raise everyone that died. Problem is I keep getting constantly attacked.

After trying over and over I find there is really no reason to help this place out. They always lose! I did get a deed done of 50 rezs.

I like that the map tells you what level the areas are.

However i’m in places that seem to be higher than what I am. I wish they broke down the levels on the map a little more. It is easy to just wander off and find hearts on the map to try and fill.

I will have to backtrack to find where I need to be.

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